Making Sure You Have A Tradesman
– not a Cowboy

The plumbing trade is a protected trade. It consists of a 4 year apprenticeship and many exams to qualify for your trade certificate. This allows you to work on plumbing as a licensed plumber.

To become a licensed plumber offer requires up to a further year of study and more intense exams. After you have passed these exams you will receive your license, this allows you to own your own business and have various tradesman working for you.

Qualified & Licensed Plumber Identification

All licensed plumbers are issued with a card similar to a drivers license this should clearly say on it that the person in the picture is either licensed or a tradesperson. You have the right to request to see this card at any time you are having, or enquiring to have work done at your premises.
And further to this the license number on the card should also be printed somewhere on any advertising, or anything with the business name or logo printed on it eg: business cards, car door magnets or invoices.

If you are to go to the place of work/office for a particular plumbing business, then the license number and certificates for the trade should be on show and in clear view.

In summary, check for the following:

  • Licensed Plumber ID Card
  • Request to see the card and confirm picture ID
  • Registered Plumber License Number
  • License Number & Business Registration Certificates in full view at Place of Business

If any of these things are missing then further enquires need to be made in regards to this business. Any work conducted by an unlicensed plumber will not carry a warranty and you may find it could void your insurance if there was a problem.

Further Information

For more information on Plumbing Licensing in WA you can contact the Plumbers Licensing Board.
Tel: 1300 249 222
Or go to the website