4 Ways To Cut Down On Your Water Bill

Here are 4 helpful ways to cut down on your water bill.

1. Make sure all hose taps in your house aren't leaking

If your tap is left dripping the water will actually carve a groove in the seat of your tap so what at first starts out as just turning your tap off a little tighter or replacing a washer, needs more work to be done by grinding the seat of the tap back to a flat surface for the washer to seal on.

2. Check outside taps

Sometimes people forget about the outside taps if these have a hose on them it can be hard to see if your garden tap is leaking and these taps are quite often left to drip until they need to be replaced .

3. Reticulation leaking

During winter it is sometimes smart to make sure the Mains water pressure to your reticulation system is turned off. The solenoids in the system can be faulty allowing some water to pass through which is released out of the sprinkler heads.

4. Leaking toilets

If you lay in bed at night and can hear a dripping noise, or the toilet cistern running out of the blue, there is a good chance the valve in the cistern is letting water pass into the toilet bowl and this can also go unnoticed.
A good trick to check this is by tearing a small bit of toilet paper and pressing it against the back of the bowl, you will soon see if the cistern has a slight leak.

If you are concerned about high water bills and excess consumption at your premises, Contact Us for an assessment to improve your water use and lower costs.